Li-Ion Synaptic Transistor for Low Power Analog Computing

E. J. Fuller, F. E. Gabaly, F. LĂ©onard, S. Agarwal, S. J. Plimpton, R. B. Jacobs-Gedrim, C. D. James, M. J. Marinella, A. A. Talin, Advanced Materials, 29, 1604310 (2017).

Nonvolatile redox transistors(NVRTs) based upon Li-ion battery materials are demonstrated as memory elements for neuromorphic computer architectures with multi-level analog states, "write" linearity, low-voltage switching, and low power dissipation. Simulations of backpropagation using the device properties reach ideal classification accuracy. Physics-based simulations predict energy costs per "write" operation of < 10 aJ when scaled to 200 nm x 200 nm.

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