A Load-Balancing Algorithm for a Parallel Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Code

S. J. Plimpton, D. B. Seidel, M. F. Pasik, R. S. Coats, G. R. Montry, Comp Phys Comm, 152, 227-241 (2003).

Particle-in-cell simulations often suffer from load-imbalance on parallel machines due to the competing requirements of the field-solve and particle-push computations. We propose a new algorithm that balances the two computations independently. The grid for the field-solve computation is statically partitioned. The particles within a processor's sub-domain(s) are dynamically balanced by migrating spatially-compact groups of particles from heavily loaded processors to lightly loaded ones as needed. The algorithm has been implemented in the QUICKSILVER electromagnetic particle-in-cell code. We provide details of the implementation and present performance results for QUICKSILVER running models with up to a billion grid cells and particles on thousands of processors of a large distributed-memory parallel machine.

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