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Latest Features and Bug Fixes in ChemCell

This page is a continuous listing of new features and bug fixes in the ChemCell simulator.

To stay up-to-date with the current ChemCell, you can download the current tarball from the download page at any time, which will include all the features/fixes listed below, and re-build ChemCell from scratch.

What version of ChemCell do you have?

A ChemCell "version" is the date when it was released, such as 1 Sept 2010. ChemCell is updated continuously. Every time we fix a bug or add a feature, we release it immediately, as listed below. Each dated copy of ChemCell contains all the features and bug-fixes up to and including that version date. The version date is printed to the screen and logfile every time you run ChemCell. It is also in the file src/version.h and in the ChemCell directory name created when you unpack a tarball.

27 May 2011

Added some tweaks for particle handling and communication.

Also added continuous version dating and updated the PDF manual.

This is the list of changed files from the 15 Apr 2009 version.

15 Apr 2009

This upgrade adds some updated doc pages that got left out in previous upgrades.

This is the list of changed files from the 13 Mar 2009 version.

13 Mar 2009

Made some enhancements to make particle binning more efficient for problems where the natural diffusion length scale is different than the reaction length scale. Before ChemCell used one bin size for finding geometry during particle moves and for finding reaction partners during chemistry. Now the bin command lets you specify separate length scales leading to two different sets of bins. This can make a spatial simulation dramatically faster, if, for example, you can use smaller reaction bins than geometry bins.

This is the list of changed files from the 19 Sept 2008 version.

Thanks to Steve Andrews (TMSI) for providing a problem that illustrated this issue.

19 Sept 2008

Fixed some incorrect filenames generated by the variable command which would affect using universe-style variables.

This is the list of changed files from the 18 Sept 2008 version.

18 Sept 2008

Fixed some broken links in doc pages. This is really a test of the scripts I use to generate an updated tarball and the list of patched files.

This is the list of changed files from the 10 Sept 2008 version.

10 Sept 2008

Initial public release of ChemCell. 18,882 lines of code in src dir. This version supercedes earlier distributed beta versions.