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mr command


mr MR-ID verbosity timer memsize outofcore 


mr edge
mr edge 2
mr edge 1 1 16 0 


Create a new MR-MPI object, which can be referenced by name elsewhere in your input script. In OINK, a MR-MPI object is simply a thin wrapper on a MapReduce object created via the MR-MPI library. The MR-MPI object has an ID which can be used elsewhere in the input script. For example it can be used as input to a named command or in a MR-MPI library command.

The ID of an MR-MPI object can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores.

When the underlying MapReduce object is created, it will have default settings as described here. Several of these settings can be overridden by the 4 options listed above. If none of them are specified, then the default settings are used. To reset one of the settings, you must specify all the settings that preceed it. E.g. if just two optional arguments are used, they are the verbosity and timer settings.

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